White Elephant Billiard Table

White Elephant Billiard Table

In Pool

White Elephant Table available in pool.

Best selling varnished table.

Elefant is a beautiful looking table, built to last, made of plywood with powder coated steel legs, each one adjustable to assure a perfect balance.

The table comes with a two pieces table top which turns your pool table into an elegant dining or conference table.

Available inwhite matt version.

 These are other specs of the table:

- 1 pc slate 19 mm

- Cushions already fitted with cloth

- Cloth included in the price

- You can complete the table with other accesories (not included in the price)

Playing surface dimensions: 210 x 1,05 cm

Size measurements: 244 x 139 cm

Room size for installation: 550 x 425 cm

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pool tables don´t have included in the price, shipping or the assembly. For more information please write an email to:

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4,990.00 €